Transdisciplinary Performative Practice


In an age of permanent crisis, where the international order is in decline, and the laws of the planet have escaped control due to the excessive exploitation of natural resources, the identity of today’s artist is well-defined, though interpreted with alternative approaches and methods: to HYBRIDIZE, to cross boundaries between languages and cultures while maintaining a sensitivity to the context and its limitations.
Remaining on the edge between different creative categories and experiencing a certain restlessness about definitions represents the journey of contemporary art, which inherits the baton from early 20th-century movements like the Bauhaus. It is imperative to insist on the question of paradigm change that the new design of contemporary art must confront, escaping all forms of comfort zones.
This research focuses on unusual perspectives guided by the concept of TRANSDISCIPLINARITY, aiming to understand the complexity of the present world. We move in the unusual space of INTERSTITIAL ZONES between painting∞sculpture, influenced by the language of cinema, dance, music, and photography, in order to continually re-signify exhibition spaces and experiment with relational creative practices that reveal connections, affinities, and possible developments with the participating elements.
This is the exciting necessity in the unfinished expressive search for an authorial dimension that, through the ‘COSMIC-WEAVE-FABRIC of ‘COMMUNICATIVE-ARTISTIC-ORGANISMS,’ is based on ‘CO-EXISTENCE in creating irregular performative rings, conceived as meeting places and communities, spaces for generation and active knowledge, not just consumption.
It is a reversal of the trend in art, moving away from exhausted exclusive castes and self-referential systems. From here, we interweave the primal themes of the ‘BODY-BEYOND-MATTER,’ ‘VULNERABILITY,’NOMADIC-ETHICS’ and ‘CONVERGENCE-AESTHETICS based on the creative mechanisms of Ruins, to expand and divert contemporary inquiries regarding what is propagated through the para-verse. In this context, this neologism refers to the relentless degradation of virtual worlds towards the shallowness of mirror worlds in our daily lives.