Jonchets, Alessandra Maria Porfidia


Contemporary artistic education can no longer be limited to the mere acquisition of technical skills; it must also encompass the ability to interact with a globalized and ever-changing world.
In this context, the Academy of Fine Arts has the task of preparing students to become global citizens, capable of using art as a means of expression, communication, and social transformation.
Participation in the ‘iosonovulnerabile’ project is part of this intensive and personal research, aimed at expanding the cultural and creative horizons of sculpture students, stimulating deep reflection on the role of art in contemporary society.
Andrea Emo argued that “art is the transformation of sensitivity into activity; a mysterious transformation, which is the very essence of thought.” Art as the consciousness of action.
The sculpture entitled ‘Jonchets, or Sciangai, created by a group of young artists from the Academy, represents an emblematic example of this process aimed at transforming action into consciousness.
In this action-consciousness lies its entire development of being-non-being: 41 sticks which, in dialectical and synergistic relationship with other artistic devices placed in the “form and space” of the garden-laboratory and in the presence of the majestic colonnade designed by the Italian architect Luigi Moretti in 1953, make recognizable and distinctive the artist’s intuition, which is the intuition of the present: not to give up in the face of the world’s complexity.
Through the experience promoted by the VulnerarTe Movement, students are immersed in a dynamic and integrated process that serves as a tool for dialogue and integration with a variety of creative languages, involving supporting institutions in the project and addressing critical and intercultural issues.
The importance of iosonovulnerabile’s nonprofit transdisciplinary research lies in its ability to overcome national boundaries and break down barriers between the viewer and the artwork, thus allowing the construction, from Italy, of an international artistic community capable of exploring the challenges of the contemporary art world.