Our Magazine provides a stimulating and reflective space centered around the theme of ‘Vulnerability.’ Through a variety of approaches and topics, we aim to create an environment where texts, while having different sensitivities, converge on common keywords, thus fostering diversity of opinions and the achievement of articulated conclusions.

VulnerarTe Magazine is an editorial initiative dedicated to analyzing connections within the complex contemporary socio-cultural fabric. Our mission is to reflect on social events and the latest cultural trends, going beyond immediate criticism to grasp a deeper meaning, considering influences from the past and potentials for the future.

VulnerarTe Magazine stands out for offering a space for those who wish to delve into contemporary socio-cultural ‘traces’, providing an inclusive transdisciplinary platform. Journalists, art critics, intellectuals, artists, and citizens interested in our themes can find a virtual community in which to share and discuss their perspectives.

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