VulnerarTe APS Movement



The Association for Social Promotion (APS) “MOVIMENTO VULNERARTE” was founded within the framework of a unique and unrepeatable ARTISTIC RESIDENCY organized with the patronage of the Lazio Region, of the Metropolitan City of Rome Capitaland the Municipality of Velletri, at the former Pontifical Prison of Velletri, a space of over a thousand square meters constructed in 1861 by the Romani family.

It was established in collaboration with a group of students and technical experts in painting and sculpture from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, as well as teachers and professionals in photography, cinema, dance, and music. 

The Movement contends that contemporary art has become irrelevant due to its detachment from the truth of reality and needs a radical change to assert its rights over life.

VulnerarTe aims to break down the barriers between artwork and non-artwork, between author and participant, and between exhibition space and everyday life, creating Communicating-Artistic-Organisms that are performative, entering into site-Coexistence with artists and participants in the light of the places of performative events. It holds its autonomy over time and space in the continuous metamorphosis of the body-beyond-matter, where the entire process of relationships that emerges can stimulate the overcoming of separations, reductions, specializations, simplifications, decontextualizations, towards a new cognitive paradigm that can reveal a shared lexicon between artists and participants. 

The Movement pursues a transdisciplinary performative practice constituted by the contamination and integration of expressive resources from painting, sculpture, dance, music, photography, cinema, theater, and publishing.

Movimento VulnerarTe APS is a nonprofit organization accredited in the National Register of the Third Sector and in the National Register of School-Work Alternation. It carries out projects for social and cultural promotion in collaboration with institutions, schools, associations, entities, communities, and more.

“The Association carries out the following activities of general interest with reference to what is provided for by Article 5, paragraph 1, of Legislative Decree no. 117/2017:

d) education, training, and vocational training, pursuant to Law no. 53 of March 28, 2003, and subsequent amendments, as well as cultural activities of social interest with educational purposes;

f) interventions for the protection and enhancement of cultural heritage and landscape, pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 42 of January 22, 2004, and subsequent amendments;

i) organization and management of cultural, artistic, or recreational activities of particular social interest, including activities, also editorial, for the promotion and dissemination of culture and the practice of volunteering and activities of general interest referred to in this article;

In particular, the Association, with reference to the Barcelona Declaration of 1998, drawn up with the collaboration of twenty-two experts from various disciplines in the field of bioethics, at the initiative of the European Commission and under the coordination of the Centre for Ethics and Law of Copenhagen, in whose conclusions vulnerability is mentioned for the first time as an integral part of the regulatory principles of universal bioethics (autonomy, integrity, dignity, vulnerability), and also explicitly linked to the recognition of the constitutive finiteness of the human condition and the urgent call for the moral responsibility of the human community, aims to:

explore the fragile condition of human reality through the practice of culture and art. work to rehabilitate the “contemporary cathedrals of vulnerability” which include former prisons-hospitals-slaughterhouses-barracks-churches-factories-schools… and other places in a state of serious neglect.