Art-Angels: Sponsorship-Contributions




To participate in this project is not only important for helping young people from heavily disadvantaged areas, but also for offering numerous advantages and benefits to the institutions, organisations, or private entities involved.

  • Solidarity race and direct benefit: to engage in the project is a healthy and virtuous opportunity to promote a sort of solidarity competition among generous organizations, exclusively benefiting young people with uncertain futures. To support social and cultural initiatives is an effective way to overcome indifference and make a difference.
  • Organisation promotion: to participate in these initiatives constitutes a valid alternative to promotion through conventional channels. Standing out from the others is essential to make a difference, and to support projects of this kind offers a unique opportunity to promote the respective organisation.

The advantages of this kind of communication’s activity are several:

  • Organisation’s image growth in the territory (brand image): involvement in socially responsible projects helps improving the image and to strengthen the positive perception of the organisation in the local community.
  • Increased visibility (brand awareness): to participate in initiatives that have a significant social impact can lead to an increase in contacts and the expansion of the audience that knows and appreciates the organisation.
  • Raising or building brand value (brand equity): an engagement in social projects contributes to improve the value and reputation of the brand, creating a stronger emotional bond with the audience.
  • Attention of opinion leaders and influencers: the involvement in social initiatives attracts the attention of opinion leaders and influencers, further increasing the visibility and credibility of the organisation.
  • Increase and/or consolidation of social responsibility: to participate in social projects demonstrates a concrete commitment to corporate social responsibility, helping to strengthen ties with the community and build positive relationships with stakeholders.
  • Positive visibility: to be involved as a sponsor in socially relevant projects offers a unique opportunity to gain positive visibility and build a solid and respected corporate or institutional image.
  • Community involvement: to support initiatives that directly benefit the local community generates a sense of belonging and gratitude towards the sponsoring organisation, contributing to strengthen ties with citizens and potential users.
  • Competitive differentiation: to be associated with socially responsible projects distinguishes the organisation from competitors and confers a competitive advantage in the market, attracting customers sensitive to social issues and creating a distinctive brand image.
  • Employee retention: the involvement in charity and social responsibility initiatives can boost employee’s moral and pride, can improve job satisfaction, and contributes to the employee’s retention.
  • Networking and collaboration opportunities: to participate as a sponsor in social events and projects offers an opportunity to establish meaningful relationships and collaborations with other organisations, institutions, and influencers in the sector.
  • Tax and reputational benefits: the engagement in corporate social responsibility activities may offer tax benefits and foster the organisation’s reputation and perception by stakeholders, including customers, investors, and local Authorities.
  • Brand development and storytelling: to participate as sponsor in social projects offers an opportunity to develop an engaging and authentic narrative around the brand, transferring the organisation’s values and objectives in a tangible and relevant way to the audience.
  • Personal satisfaction and sense of achievement: to support initiatives that have a positive impact on society leads to personal satisfaction and a sense of achievement for contributing to making a difference for people’s quality of life and needs.

Please write to to further explore different options of contribution and evaluation of synergies referring to the communication activities of the project.