created by IU-Human Intelligences’


This is the latest testimony of the historical heritage of the former Pontifical Prison of Velletri
which remained intact for two centuries before undergoing an irreversible transformation

subject, direction, and editing by Sergio Mario Illuminato

with Patrizia Cavola, Camilla Perugini, Nicholas Baffoni, and Sergio Mario Illuminato

cinematography and filming by Federico Marchi and Roberto Biagiotti
location and art direction by Rosa Maria Zito
choreography by Patrizia Cavola and Ivan Truol
music by Andrea Moscianese
sound design by Davide Palmiotto
post-production laboratory Pyramid Factory
conforming by Elena Becchetti and colorist Alessandro Ammendola

with the Patronage of the Lazio Region
the Metropolitan City of Rome Capital
the Municipality of Velletri
the VulnerarTe APS Movement

Special thanks to Arch. Paolo Candidi, Head of ‘Sector VI
Programming and Sustainability’ of the Municipality of Velletri for the
collaboration and support in accessing the former Pontifical Prison of Velletri

with the collaboration of the Atacama Company and the
International Contemporary Dance Festival ‘Paesaggi del Corpo’

collaboration with: Marina Mingazzini, Ivo Mej, Mariagrazia Abete
Rossella Menichelli, and Riccardo Du Marteau

for the backstage, thanks to Chiara Ercoli, Daya Daniela Beltrani, Daniele Ottavi
and to all the audience present, filming by Roberto Biagiotti and Sergio Mario Illuminato

copyright 2023 Sergio Mario Illuminato all rights reserved
Sergio Mario Illuminato under Article 45 of the copyright law
(Law of 22 April 1941 No. 633 and subsequent amendments)